Let us help get your projects completed. Big and small.

Large jobs: Small jobs:
  • Decks and stairs.
  • Hang doors.
  • New windows.
  • Build a storage barn.
  • Landscaping.
  • Hardwood floors.
  • Stone patios.
  • Housepainting.
  • Landscape steps and walkways.
  • Screen doors.
  • Replace faucets.
  • Fix a loose step.
  • Decorative moldings.
  • Hang paintings.
  • Curtains.
  • Rearrange furniture.
  • Move heavy objects.
  • Minor car repair.
  • Hauling.
  • Yardwork.
  • Window repair.
  • Garage door repair.
  • New locks.
Please scroll down to see project images!

We specialize in 'working a list', large and small 'fix-its'. Give me a list of all the little things you need done around the house and I can put them back in working condition for you. Get them done once and for all. No job too small.

Please call for rates. Jobs under 4 hours will be bid on a per project basis. EMAIL or call: 818-694-0043 to set up an appointment.

References available upon request.

THE STORY- How this business came about and a little about us by the "my" in Hire My Handyman: As a single woman and homeowner, I was constantly frustrated by all the repairs I had to do on my 100 year old fixer upper house. One day, I looked at my bathroom sink and said, "the man who fixes this sink is the man I am going to marry."

* Soon Michael came along. When he saw that my shower handle could only be turned with the use of a pair of pliers, he immediately went out and bought me (and installed!) a new shower handle. Soon he was fixing my loose steps, building me a storage barn complete with bay window, sliding french doors, and a redwood patio (with it's own insets for plants and a water fountain).

* All my girlfriends were asking to borrow him. All of the time. Finally, because he loves working with his hands, and loves helping people out, he took it on as a job and career path. Now he is busily taking on all sorts of jobs, helping people who either don't have that time, energy, or skill to do house repairs. He mainly helps those people, like me, who just don't want to be bothered with it.

* Oh, yes. My sink is now not only fixed, but sports a fabulous chinese cabinet as the base and a brushed nickel faucet on top! No, we are not married yet, but I have the sink! (and as a single female homeowner, well, that's the important part...)

gate entry

gate entry






deck 2

studio 2nd floor

second floor

wall 2

door and window

ike fence

kitchen floor 2


garage doors

garage doors

garage doors

garage doors

garage doors

garage doors